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Melinda Silver

artist bio

I began my artistic career as an illustrator and graphic designer for print media; pen and ink were my best friends.  Over the years, I expanded my range of media and artistic styles.  I now concentrate on painting with acrylics, oils with cold wax, and encaustics (hand-prepared oil tints with wax formulations) as I venture into the abstract.  I have further used pieces of old paintings, collected ephemera and graphic sensibilities to work in paper collage.  All works are abstracted, and my method of creation requires that I face and embrace change and the unexpected.  


Recognizing the tensions that occur from historical, political, social, religious, and geological forces, I confront the unknown and challenge myself to listen to the painting and go where it takes me.   Painting layer upon layer, often destroying or obscuring one layer to create the next, I am guided by the words of Gerhard Richter, who challenged himself to keep moving forward through the process until the painting was "fully baked" and "right."  I am also drawn to the fluxos philosophies of collage artist, Cecil Touchon, who I have studied with and who inspires me to continue to live and work with the flow.  While I am often terrified by what I am doing, I have also learned to recognize that this method of creating new works of art mirrors life and has the potential to produce a final image that is richer and more nuanced than any painting that I might have planned with precision.  I am delighted, too, to find that my abstract paintings invite wide and lively interpretations by viewers and collectors.  


Early Arts Education:  Walker Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN; oil painting - private individuals; fine arts and art history classes, Minneapolis Institute of Arts; the University of Chicago; the University of Northern Colorado at La Poggerina, Tuscany, Italy; and a year of self-study, primarily with Nicolaides’ “The Natural Way to Draw” on the island of Crete, Greece.