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Jim Ceravolo

artist bio

With paintings in the collections of  ELTON JOHN, ROD STEWART, HUGH M. HEFNER, DAVID BRENNER, MONIQUE VAN VOOREN, WARNER BROS., RCA RECORDS and SCHENLEY INDUSTRIES, the trend-setting style of Ceravolo's amazing Large-scale portraits has received international acclaim for more than thirty years.   Ceravolo's portraits came to popular attention when he was commissioned to create six large scale portraits for the lobby of The Palladium Theatre in New York City.   In addition to these, his portraits are in many influential corporate and private collections. 

Ceravolo's portraits combine abstract and realistic work on the same large scale canvas (Some as large as 8 feet) making them truly unique works of art. Sometimes the abstract work is in the form of Ceravolo's trademark "illusion" which appears to be "floating" in front of the canvas, other times the abstract work is a spontaneous application which adds color and texture and is in perfect compliment to the gray realistic portrait. From the start, Ceravolo has captivated audiences with his ability to so skillfully capture the physical as well as the inner qualities of his subjects.